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The Paycheck Protection Program is getting a reboot as part of Congress’s latest coronavirus stimulus package. The $900 billion deal includes $284 billion for PPP, which will reopen after closing in August. Much like the program’s first iteration, the aid will be in the form of forgivable loans to small firms, but there will be some […]

In Washington on Tuesday to meet with small businesses, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon told Axios that some of the survival pivots entrepreneurs have made in the past year will last past the pandemic.  What he’s saying: “A lot of small businesses have had to make some investment in digitization and technology to connect to their […]

If you’re running a small business, then you might think your environmental impact is inconsequential. But the people buying your products don’t see it that way. Faced with compounding environmental crises, consumers are starting to vote green with their wallets. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to continually analyze consumer sentiment because as people learn […]

“The provisions of the CARES Act are all helpful for small businesses, but they will complicate tax planning efforts for the next couple of years,” said Holly Wade, director of research and policy analysis for the National Federation of Independent Business.  Read more……

Although there weren’t many major changes to the small business tax code this year, several tax credits, loan programs and acts were created to help businesses weather the effects of COVID-19. Read more……

The slew of potential advantages in establishing and managing a business as a family is plain to see. In my experience, those with familial ties will generally share a strong bond of trust and coordination, a common long-term vision and, therefore, a high degree of stability born from this interconnectedness of its owners. Read more……

Almost a year into the pandemic, people have found pockets of free time, thanks to not having to battle traffic to get from one place to another and/or the automation of many business processes. This precious time can be used for something productive such as upskilling to meet the challenges of a market in a […]

The most successful small businesses, corporations, and organizations never remain static for long. Their leaders continually look to the future, pursuing a slate of both short-term goals and long-term goals while angling for competitive advantages over rivals. These leaders define their organizations’ visions and use strategic planning to achieve organizational goals within a fixed time […]

Strategic planning is a polarizing term. For some people, it’s cringeworthy, conjuring up images of long meetings that are driven more by outdated process than by purpose. I’ve been there myself; I remember one particularly painful strategic-planning session that consisted of two days of irrelevant data analysis and concluded in a few documents that were […]

The business valuation profession has grown rapidly since 1980. Over the decades, it has developed from a rudimentary process into a highly sophisticated mix of art and science to determine the value of a business or business interest. However, many business owners and investors fail to understand the valuation process and its results. Here are […]