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Since February 12th, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been processing federal tax returns for the 2020 tax year, complicated for taxpayers and the IRS by the coronavirus pandemic and multiple pandemic-related relief packages passed last year. That’s why on Wednesday, the IRS announced the extension of tax filing and payment deadlines from April 15th to May […]

More employers and HR leaders are now turning to benefits brokers because they recognize that offering a voluntary benefits program is not only a way to meet the needs of the workforce, but also a strategy for employee engagement and retention. Read more ……

People Element has released its 2021 Engagement Report detailing the latest trends and findings on employee engagement.  Their report details the driving factors behind employee engagement in 2020, a year that saw tremendous economic, social and political upheaval.  It also provides helpful recommendations on what employers can do to further engage their workforces.  Read more […]

In past generations, financial literacy was relatively simple. If you did not have the money in your pocket, you didn’t buy it. Purchasing on credit, extensive loans, and other financial products have all come about in more recent decades as consumer habits have changed. This means financial literacy has changed drastically as well.  Read more […]

It began as an extended snow day and quickly accelerated to a nation-wide shutdown with no end in sight. With markets falling in a tailspin, could you blame anyone who became anxious?  The future looked bleak—assuming you believed you would have a future. Read more ……

Being an entrepreneur is difficult enough as it is — innovating with new ideas, turning concepts into products, managing teams of talented people — even without the questions of finance management. Poor financial literacy has been an Achilles’ Heel for an abundance of entrepreneurs, meaning that modern business leaders simply cannot afford to take any risks when it […]

If you have a job in Florida, make sure you know about the federal and state employment laws that protect your rights. Read more ……

For many people, the word ‘entrepreneur’ conjures images of no-nonsense men in stuffy suits, but it’s an outdated idea.  Many people want to be entrepreneurs; it’s one of the fastest-growing career paths today. But most people who decide to make that leap don’t get very far. A successful entrepreneur needs to cultivate the proper connections, […]