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Florida is a pivotal location for military installations, infrastructure and veterans. How will our state continue to serve as a hub into 2030 and beyond?


The 2014 Florida Chamber Foundation’s Military, Defense and Veterans Opportunities Summit will gather leaders from Florida’s military and defense industry, economic development experts, policy makers and the business community to tackle an expanding challenge facing Florida throughout the next 20-plus years.

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Tech Talk Tuesdays is an open forum that addresses how to incorporate technology and online tools for businesses. Tech Talk Tuesdays in Tallahassee provide a monthly opportunity for technology education in Tallahassee, Florida. The practical use of technologies and online tools are discussed by industry experts in an informal setting. The event structure allows for audience participation and Q&A.

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FSBDC at FAMU, let our Certified Business Consultants assist in creating a strategy for you to accelerate the growth of your business. Here are just a few of our informational pieces that will give you an idea of what we have to offer to you and your business. We are here with the FSBDC at FAMU to assist you.

Do you ever wonder how your fellow marketers and business owners are using social media to grow their business? Whether they are concerned about declining Facebook reach? What platforms and strategies they intend to invest their time in?

Wonder no more. Social Media Examiner has just released its annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report after surveying more than 2,800 marketers.

The one undeniable message from the report is that marketers continue to place high value on social media with 92 percent of marketers (up from 86 percent last year) indicating that social media was important for their business.

The report also revealed a number of shifts in focus, as marketers try to stand out from all the noise to get noticed and get results online.


Rugged Events co-founders Rob Dickens and Brad Scudder went on Shark Tank hoping for nothing more than some publicity. Instead, they left with $1.75 million—and, more importantly, the backing of mega-entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

Rugged Events sets up hard-core obstacle courses, including “The Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race” and “The Great Bull Run” (which is exactly what the name promises). The sharks loved the company’s unique take on the blooming business of extreme competitions. However, for Dickens and Schudder, the big deal didn’t come without a little sweat, blood and tears.

Here’s Dickens’ behind-the-scenes tips on how to make it big on Shark Tank.


Small Business Week Committee will award 4 businesses at the Big Bend Regional Match Maker and 31st Annual Small Business Week on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at the Augustus B. Turnbull Center.

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2014 Small Businesses of the Year WINNERS

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×214.jpg” width=”300″ align=”right” title=”Chelsea Beneby1″ frame=”true” icon=”image”]Chelsea is a Business Analyst with the FSBDC at FAMU. Chelsea received her Masters degree in Business Administration from Florida A&M University in 2012. She temporarily served as the Training Coordinator for the 2012-2013 Construction Management Development Program/Bond Guarantee Program (CMDP-BGP); where she worked closely with Florida A&M-Small Business Development Center and the Florida Department of Transportation. Since the conclusion of the CMDP-BGP Chelsea has actively volunteered at the Florida A&M-Small Business Development Center. Chelsea’s areas of expertise include marketing, public relations, business plan development and human resource management.

Chelsea’s professional experience includes: understanding the fundamental needs of start-ups/small businesses, client service, business plan formulation, and conducting workshop seminars. Shortly after volunteering at the Florida A&M-Small Business Development Center, Chelsea used the skills and resources she was awarded to embark on her first entrepreneurial venture. In August of 2013 she created an online event supply retail company, Create Out of the Box, LLC. Chelsea’s clientele continues to expand rapidly through customer referrals and marketing. 

Chelsea is also a proud member of the Capital City Chamber of Commerce.

You call it making your money work for you. The Internal Revenue Service calls it unearned income. Regardless of the name, the tax collector wants to know how much you make each year on earnings from your savings accounts, stocks and bonds, certificates of deposit or mutual funds.

Just how you report your investment income, however, depends largely on how much you made. For many taxpayers, the process is relatively simple and requires no additional tax forms. Those who pocketed a bit more from their investments will have to give the IRS details via extra forms.

And every investor who benefits from the lower capital gains and dividend tax rates will have to pay for their tax savings by running extra computations to figure out their precise IRS bill.


A Bright Future For Women-Owned Small Businesses

Today, women-owned businesses are the fastest-growing segment of new businesses in our economy.

In fact, an analysis by American Express suggests that the number of women-owned businesses has risen by 200,000 over the past year alone, which is equivalent to just under 550 new women-owned firms created each day.

Regardless of how you slice the data, we know that this trend is growing and that women are over-indexing in entrepreneurship.

As Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), I travel all around the country meeting with small business owners and entrepreneurs. I see how their businesses are transforming their industries and rebuilding their communities following the economic downturn.

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