Chauncey Jones, Business Consultant

Chauncey Jones | SBDC at Florida A&M

Chauncey Jones serves as a Business Consultant with the Florida Small Business Development Center at Florida A & M University. Chauncey has over 25 years of experience as a Senior Account Executive for various developers/resellers inthe software industry verticals of the Public Sector (K-12) and Manufacturing.  In his role as an Account Executive, Chauncey mastered the various phases of the B2B sales cycle; including project management and the bid & proposal process for Public Sector organizations.

Chauncey also has experience as a Senior Manager in the Private and Public Sector for profit and nonprofit entities.   He has set-up, directed, and managed a startup business and successfully navigated it from its trying startup phase to its profitablegrowth phase over a 4-year period.

Chauncey has received his certification in Profit Mastery and has hands on knowledge and experience with a variety of marketing and financial tools such as Profit Mastery and ProfitCents.   He obtained his undergraduate degree from Florida A & M University where he majored in Business Administration and minored in Accounting.  He graduated from the university with honors.